Fluid Vision Technology

Our software 3D vision solution uniquely combines computer vision, machine learning, and cloud services, redefining the economics of 3D perception.

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Small and Mighty

Our low-power, low-cost and mobile-friendly tech enables apps to accurately understand their environments in 3D.

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Existing Camera Sensors

Aquifi’s technology adds 3D vision to commodity 2D sensors and precisely captures depth, shape and motion of immediate surroundings.

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Solving the Unsolved

We’re passionate about making devices smarter with computer vision, as evidenced by our 45+ patents filed to date.


Aquifi’s Fluid Vision is designed from the ground up for integration with any size consumer mobile device — like smartphone and VR glasses.

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Rely on our real-time, precision 3D depth maps to enhance your apps – from shopping, photography, video, VR and more.


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Read how Aquifi’s Fluid Vision is enabling smart devices to see and understand in 3D, changing how machines interact with us.

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Featured Whitepaper


Reinvent The Camera


Aquifi’s 3D vision is explained and applied to computational photography, in which images can be refocused after capturing the shot, distances measured, and filters applied to varying depths of field.

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CES 2015 “Best of Innovation” Award

At CES in January 2015, the Dell Venue 8 7000 tablet was honored with the prestigious “Best of Innovation” award. In addition to its ultra-thin profile, the tablet is most notable for incorporating our 3D vision solution.

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Cognitive Computing Poised to Become Mainstream

Cognitive computing, in whatever forms it takes, will augment human capabilities, offering new support structures to help in problem solving and decision making.

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